family photography from a dad with a camera

Family isn't an important thing

family is everything

Ever since my first born came into the world, I picked up a camera and I haven't put it down since. My family is my "why" and will continue to be until I am no longer. As a dad with a camera, I know the importance of capturing and documenting those early years together as a family and to cherish for generations to come.

priceless moments documented by a dad with a camera

family photography is the most special to me. from the moment my first born came into the world, i picked up a camera and haven't put it down since...

For me, family photography is such a special and important form of photography. I love documenting beautiful images for families that value not only that classic look of everyone looking at the camera and smiling, but also value those in between moments, the authentic ones. I engage with my families to ensure the best experience and to document those candid, photojournalistic moments: when dad hugs his little girl and kisses her after a tantrum; big brother hugs his little sister after scrapping her knee; a mother gazing at her sweet baby with love, wondering if she will always remember these times before her baby grows up. I know just how special childhood and parenthood can be. I am a father of three and I have spent many years doing my best to document these moments with many families, including my own, and I want to share my love of photography with you.

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