our love of family travels

Since the moment my wife, Shayna, and I got involved with each other, we have always shared an equal amount of wanderlust. Our very first trip together was after only a few months of knowing each other, when we decided to go on a big trip together to Fiji. We had the most adventurous time together and we've been hooked ever since! We explored many places together despite our busy lives. However, our travels did slow down once we had three kids. Life became busier and busier and then COVID hit. But that has not stopped us. We have continued to road trip and challenge our kids beyond what they are used to (as well as ourselves) and have since taken them to many wonderful places including the Artic Circle in Alaska, to Death Valley (as pictured here in the Mesquite Sand Dunes), and explored along the southern corridor of Utah to amazing places such as Bryce Canyon, Zion, and Arches to name a few. If you like, follow us along here to keep up with our latest travels and you can even follow a link to my wife's travel blog listed below. Enjoy!